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New Hair do: Airwaves Perm.

Last week I went to perm my hair at Iris & Richard salon at Plaza Merdeka. I initially wanted to do Digital Perm but they said they dont do such perm. What they offer is Airwaves Perm a.k.a Japanese Airwaves Perm which according to them “do less damage than digital perm by not using any heat”.

So what’s an Airwaves Perm?

Basically, an airwaves perm is just like cold perm. An improved version thats all. Takes about 3 hours and a little discomfort. Dont want to bash them or anything. Let’s just put it this way, they are not very gentle people.

Let’s take a look.


This is how it looks after a week. At first my hair was really puffed up, tight curls when I just got it done.


Before perm


After perm



What’s great about Airwaves Perm?
I quite fancy it because it makes my fine hair has much more volume than it actually is and I don’t need any curling wand/iron to create curls which can damage hair if use too often.

The bad?
It makes my hair dry but nothing that hair masks won’t fix.

Apparently, Airwaves Perm is not a new thing but its certainly a first me.


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