Liebster awards

I got Nominated for Liebster Awards.

I was nominated for Liebster Awards by the beautiful Catherine thanks babe.

I felt so honored to be nominated and be a part of Liebster awards.

what’s a Liebster award?
Liebster awards is basically nominated to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Each nominated blogger has to answer 10 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

Here are my questions:

1.Louis Vuitton purse or Chanel purse?
Definitely Chanel because its elegant and simple. No fuss or frill.

2.Would you ever consider making a YouTube channel?
Yes. But I’m too shy for it!

3.What’s on your makeup wish list?
wow. I have lot’s of them. Let see. A clarisonic, PMD, Chanel eyeshadow Palette, NAKED 3, Skinceutical CE FERULIC, Hourglass primer, Glamglow mud mask, Rachel K CC Cream, Alpha H Skincare, Estee Lauder Advanced night repair, Dior lipgloss, Emma Hardie cleansing balm, Elemis cleansing balm, Butter London Smoke Machine, Naked basics.

4.What do you do on a rainy day?
I would love to catch up on sleep but I have to work. Boring. I know.

5.Foundation? BB cream? Or tinted moisturiser?
I’m a bb cream gal.

6.Who is your favourite Beauty blogger or YouTuber?
I have a few of them. Missglamourazzi, itsjudytime/itsjudyslife, Lisa Eldridge, stylesuzi, glamlifeguru, talkbeckytalk, fleurdeforce, and more.

7.What is the one thing you can’t leave your house without?
Not an easy question. But I’ll go with bb creams because it can act as foundation and concealer at the same time!

8.Where is your dream city to live in?
paris! I love Europe.

9.Favourite makeup brand? Why?
Hmm.. I don’t really have a favourite makeup brand because I love all. For highend, I think my choice would be Estee Lauder because they have so many great makeups especially the lipsticks, glosses, foundations. I can go on and on. Many would think its an old lady brand, hell no. They have amazing stuff. For Drugstore, it’s Revlon. They make amazing lip products.

10.If you won $1,000 what would you do with it?
I would save in ma bank but I’ll take some to treat myself.

That’s it guys, Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. And Please dont forget to check out my friend, Catherine’s blog here because she is amazing! !


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