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OXY Anti-Pimple Mark

The worst thing about having hormonal adult acne is the marks or hyper-pigmentations that are left behind after the acne itself has healed. Having acne is already a frustrating matter and now I still have to deal with the post acne marks. I’m sure those who suffer from acne can relate to my woes.

Sometimes tiny, non cystic pimples or acne do go away on its own without any marks but not cystic acne. Cystic acne are usually painful and can stay on my face for weeks. Cystic acne usually does leave marks that are hard to get rid off even though I don’t pick, squeeze them. Make sure you don’t try pick at the because of scarring and all that. Just let it do it’s thing and eventually they will go away provided you put on some kind of acne treatments on them.

I’ve tried my fair shares of post acne treatments but not all work well on me and what’s worst is sometimes they break me out. So no thanks. But I’m always on the hunt for something that will work. And I think I’ve found it!

I finally discovered Anti-Pimple Mark by OXY. Thanks to Fiona from Street Love. Check her out guys, she’s a talented beauty blogger who blogs all kinds of fun beauty related stuff.

I went ahead and tried it for the 1st time about a month or two ago. And oh boy, I’m quite impressed.






Comes in a plastic squeeze out tube. Handy for when I travel.
The anti-pimple mark is in clear gel form. Easy to absorb into my skin and did not feel sticky at all. I use it morning and night after I use my acid tone, before moisturizer.

This is not by any means a miracle product that gives you an instant results. But It does lighten pimple marks very very slowly.

I find that it worked very well on new pimples marks but not so much on old ones. And it does take quite sometime before I can see any visible results. I like that it didn’t break me out or irritate my skin further.

I would recommend this anti-pimple mark by Oxy if you want to try it out for yourself since it’s super inexpensive and effective on lightening pimple marks. I’ve already bought few tubes from Watson to stock up.

Check out their Facebook page:
My Oxy

Have you tried it? What do you think?


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