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Dress For A Moment by Essence.


Essence Nail polishes are highly raved products. Its like a must get item from Essence simply because they are really good quality and super inexpensive.

Every beauty blogger or youtubers seems to like and talked about them everywhere.

I picked up Dress For A Moment a while back. It’s a pretty lilac-lavender color.


Spring is just around the corner and I think this is a perfect colour to sport. Or you could just wear it all year round like I do. 

I love Nail polishes by Essence. They have a sorts of fun, pretty colours to choose from and I’m sure there’s a color for everyone.

They are pigmented, glossy and easy to apply. I do notice a little streaking if I don’t let the 1st coat dry and apply the 2nd coat. I like that They dry pretty fast because I don’t usually have time to wait around. 

They last pretty decent on my nails, almost a week. Which is impressive since I’m always out and about, doing laundry (using hands instead of washing machine), washing and all that jazz.

They do chip ever so slightly on the edge after 3-4 days (no top coat). They will definitely last longer with a good top coat.



Taken with flash


No flash

Overall, I think Dress For A Moment  is a very flattering nail color to have. I like that it’s high in quality, affordable and easy to find in my local drugstore.

What’s your favourite nail polish? Leave them in the comments below so I can check them out:)


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