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My Online Shopping Experience with Luxola! And Sigma F80 and F82 Review!

About a week ago, I ordered some products from Luxola website. And it was amazing and liberating at the same time (because I normally don’t like to shop online due to some bad experience I encountered last year when I placed order from a Lowyat seller)

Ordering from Luxola was so fuss free and safe. Safe is definitely good because we don’t wanna buy things from unknown sellers with no decent track records or testimonials to avoid being cheated or scammed.

I’ve never actually been scam but I’ve heard, read and know from my friends who were scammed from shopping online. So I can totally understand why some of us are still skeptical of online shopping. is absolutely one of the most safe and secure websites around when it comes to online shopping.

They offer a wide variety of payment methods such as Paypal, Master Card, Visa, American Express, MEPS FPX or MEPS CURRENCY and etc. You have plenty of choice of payment to choose from in the comfort of your own home.

Obviously I’m not an expert in online shopping but from my personal experience with Luxola, I can say that they have a special place in my heart and I always find myself going back there to shop.

What’s the Benefits of shopping online?

*The products/goods are sent to your door steps. How convenient! Luxola offers free shipping when you purchased Rm40 and above.

*You can buy almost anything and everything from any websites around the world. Which some of the goods are not available in our country or no physical shop.

*You can compare prices easily from different websites without physically walking from shop to shop which can be tiring.

*No more hassle in driving to the mall and squeeze with tons of people to get what you want especially if you live in a big city like KL or Singapore. You get to save petrol, how nice since petrol price will only keep increasing.

*you get to shop around in your computer as long as you like in your comfort at home without your other half waiting on you, whinning while lugging all your things around. We don’t want that do we?

If you can’t tell already, I’m beginning to love shopping online all over again. Enough ramblings, let’s get to the loots I’ve got.

These are the products that I got from Luxola. I’ve been eyeing them for a long long time.
*Alpha H Liquid Gold
*Sigma F80 and F82
*Mekhala Tamarind Cleanser (courtesy of Luxola, Thank you! )
Especially Liquid Gold from Alpha H. I searched and searched around and finally found that Luxola sells them. Yay! I’ve heard great things about it. Will go into details in a post dedicated to Liquid Gold.
The package came like this, an envelope with built in bubble wraps.
Each of the products were carefully wrapped in bubble wraps to prevent any damage, i regretted not taking any pictures of it because I was too freaking excited to tear apart the wraps to see the inside. The products arrived safely without any damage or dent. So efficient.

The goods were delivered to me within 3 working days. That’s very fast and they came all the way from Singapore.

Luxola also gave a sample size of Mekhala Tamarind Cleanser for me to try and I must say, I love it. It’s the most moisturising cleanser I’ve tried. So gentle and effective. Partly because its made from honey and Tamarind. Mekhala is a natural brand so there’s no nonsense ingredients involved. And it also smells amazing.

Sigma synthetic Brushes (Taklon) also known as Sigmax are one of the best brushes around! I ordered in a set of 2, the F80 and F82. They are part of the Sigmax Kabuki kit, durable and does not soak up foundation.
F80 on the left is more dense with flat top. I used it mainly for thicker foundations such as my all time favourite Estee Lauder Double Wear or Rimmel Stay Matte mousse foundation. Blends out my foundations so flawlessly as compared to using fingers or other brushes.



This brush is so soft and doesn’t shed on me at all. I’ve heard from some people that their one sheds a lot but so far I haven’t encounter such problem. It all comes down to how you wash and keep them.

F82 is a round top synthetic kabuki brush that has rounder top and to me, it’s the most unique one. It’s rare to find such good round kabuki brush in the market. F82 is great for liquid foundations or bb creams. I get a more airbrushed look as its more precise curvature to our face.


These Sigma Brushes are worth investing in if you’re looking for good foundation brushes. Definitely worth the price. I can never go a day without them after I tried.
Sigma F80
Sigma F82
Sigma Brush Duo F80 & F82

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Mekhala Soothing Tamarind Cleanser


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