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Moogoo Mini Delight, mini moo moo?


Moogoo has finally came out with mini travel size trio which consists of my favourite Irritable Skin Balm, Udder cream and MSM Soothing Cream.

These are great for first timers to try before getting the full size bottles and also great for travel. Fast relief for itch and pain, no steroids.

Moogoo products are great for people with problematic skin such as hives, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis. The list goes on and on.

Moogoo products are all made from Natural ingredients and are very safe to use on babies, kids, adults. 

I did review these products,
*Sand Flies Treatment
*My Eczema Treatment

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Retails for Rm 19.90 at Watson.


2 thoughts on “Moogoo Mini Delight, mini moo moo?

    1. Hi, I bought mine at Watson Kuching (plaza Merdeka) but sometimes, some Watson doesn’t stock up or out of stock. If the Watson carry Moogoo products, then they might have it. You can try ask the shop assistance for help.


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