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Dry or Dehydrated skin?

Okay, some of you might not know but to ask what’s the difference? 

Well girl, there’s a huge difference between dry and dehydrated skin. No, they are not the same.

What’s dry skin?
* Doesn’t produce sebum (oil)
* Inability to hold moisture in therefore skin can appear rough, flaky, wrinkles are more pronounced.

Dehydrated skin?
* Lacks water content but may still produce sebum/oil.
* Can be genetic or environmental.
* Skin feels flaky and tight with fine lines due to surface cell deflation.
* Common among oily/acne prone skin who uses harsh products that strips the skin of water such as benzoyl peroxide.

Some might have dry or Dehydrated skin but some can have both in different areas of the skin.

I’m very fortunate to have both dry and dehydrated skin so I makes sure to moisturised my skin well. It’s the most important thing in skincare regardless of dry or dehydrated in my personal opinion.

What happens when I don’t moisturise?
My skin gets even oiler especially on the T-zone. And the rest of my face feels reel tight, flaky and itchy, inflammation whete acne starts to form.

And I personally find that drinking more water doesn’t help at all and I drink at least 2 to 3 liters per day. And just because it doesn’t help with my dry and dehydrated skin, it doesn’t mean that I stop drinking that much water.

I hope it helps for those who are concerned, so what do you have? Dry or Dehydrated skin?


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