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ZA Groovy Smoovy Oil-Blotting Powder.


On my never ending search for oil control powders, I somehow stumble upon this lovely oil blotting powder by ZA.

To be completely honest, I was quite skeptical about it. (Aren’t we all?) There are many people claimed its the best thing ever in terms of oil control, especially for oily skin ladies. I have oily T-zone so this is just up my alley.

And because I’m such a sucker for great reviews, I decided to try it to see what’s the hype all about. I’m so glad I did! It turned out better than I’ve expected. Woohoo!!


The size is surprisingly small but the product is so good that I totally overlooked.



Comes in pressed powder form, it does looked very “white” but when it goes on my skin, it’s undetectable. .like a translucent powder. Comes in 1 shade only so It’s suitable for all skin. 


The powder is super silky and weightless. Blend into my skin very skin too.

I used this oil blotting powder to set my bb cream. It’s really weightless, so light that I felt like not wearing any powder at all.

You can also use it to “blot” away shine from your face if necessary.

It worked so well setting my under eyes concealer. Sometimes other powders can make my fine lines more visible and powdery looking but this doesn’t do that. I dont feel “dry” on my face Whenever I use it.

What I’m most impressed about this powder is that, the oil control is unbelievable. I can wear it all day (12 hours or more) without any oil coming through.

There was Once I went beach outing where there’s sun, sunscreens, sweat, water (salt water) with this powder on top of my sunscreen (to keep me looking like an oil sleek) and it literally stayed on my face the whole time..no makeup melt down. And Yes, I did sweat, a lot actually. 

I do recommend this if you want something that works with oily skin. It is a tad bit expensive considering its so small in size but hey, it works and you’ll only need a little at one time. I’ve had mine for a year already and have yet to hit pan. I do use it regularly.

Rumour has it that it has been discontinued, so they will no longer make or stock this oil blotting powder up. I further reconfirmed it with ZA sales representatives, so its true.

It has been quite hard to get hold of, I will definitely get some more as backup when I can find them.



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