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Get off me you dead skin! Wild Cherry Body Scrub by The Body Shop.

The Body Shop in my opinion is famous for 2 things, the body butter and body scrubs. I’ve tried the body butter and they are good even on my eczema prone skin.


This wild cherry body scrub smells so good. But not sickly sweet either.

Did you know?
Wild cherries are also known as Rum Cherry or Mountain Black Cherry.

These cherries offer loads of benefits for our skin such as:

*have high water content therefore they are able to hydrates our overall body resulting in a bright, vibrant and clear skin.

*contains beta carotene which are beneficial for skin health and protect the skin from sun damage.

*contains Anthrocyanins which are powerful antioxidant that help prevent the damage to cells by free radicals, thus no more pre mature ageing and reduce the appearance or signs of fine line&wrinkles.


The scrub contain wild cherry bits that feels grainy and jelly like texture. Grainy is good to polish the skin also to remove those pesky dead skin on our body. They work more efficiently that way too. They dont feel too harsh because of the “jelly” texture.

To keep my skin extra soft and silky, I follow up with body butter from The Body Shop.

The wild cherry body scrub not only smells good but are very effective at getting rid the dead skin accumulated, and tone my skin as well. My skin looked brighter too. Definitely will repurchase this little baby. I’m gonna get the full size next.

Check out The Body Shop


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