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SilkyGirl Pure Fresh All in one Gel Makeup Remover.

This is the 1st time I came across ‘Gel Makeup Remover’ and I was curious to see how it works on me.

SilkyGirl is a well known Malaysian based cosmetics company. They are like the Elf or Wet and wild here in Malaysia and the products are very affordable.

This is an all in one kind of makeup remover product so you can use it to remove face and eyes makeup.

Here’s the ingredient list:

I do like this, I like the concept of it as a gel makeup remover, all in one product but does it work? 

Not for me though. The texture of the gel felt too slippery and sleek  (almost like a silicone consistency) to remove any makeup.

Takes too much effort and does not remove my makeup well at all and definitely do not remove any of my waterproof eye makeup.

I tried many times to use this gel makeup remover but am so disappointed each time. Arggh!!

I’m sorry to say but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. There’s many makeup remover that can do a much better job than this. 


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