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SKII Dupe? Nature Republic The First Number one essence.



The First Number one essence by Nature Republic has reach our Malaysian shore sometime last year and its the first treatment essence I tried after SKII FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE. Review here


When I got the Number one essence, it came with little samples from the same line. The samples are decent sizes where you can use for few weeks at least before buying the complete line.


The packaging is very similar to the SKII Facial Treatment essence even the name.



The ingredient list are longer but the ingredients inside are all nature, plant based treatment essence.

The number one essence is formulated with 87% of saccharomyces ferment (same family as pitera) that helps with whitening which can result in brighten dull skin, clarity in skin.

My take on this?

I thoroughly enjoyed using this treatment essence because it help to brighten my dull skin and keeps it clear. Its also very moisturising that helps with dry patches. I use this after my acid tone so that my skin is able to drink up all the nutrients it provides.

I find that this treatment essence doesn’t give me instant results like SKII facial treatment essence do. You will have to use longer to see visible results like clarity of your skin. It does a good job at making my face super soft and moist though.

The only thing I don’t like is the smell (im just not used to it but many liked it) it has floral scent which I dont enjoy at first but does not bother me that much now.

I’ve finished this ‘miracle water’ already and will definitely repurchase.

Retails for RM140.00 (150ML)
Available at any Nature Republic outlets or http://www.naturerepublic.com/eng/


11 thoughts on “SKII Dupe? Nature Republic The First Number one essence.

      1. I haven’t tried any first treatment essence yet. But the one from Missha has more ingredients. While SKII only has few ingredients which I think is more concentrated. I searched on G Market and found out that Secret Key also has one which has lower price (38,000 won) than Missha.


      2. I’ve seen the Missha FTE ingredients and saw dimethicone if not mistaken so I don’t know whether to try it or not. Sometimes longer ingredients list are to be wary of. I’ve tried the Estee Lauder Micro Essence, very nice! I didn’t experience any breakouts which is nice but what I really like is that it’s so moisturising for my dehydrated skin!


      3. Same here. .I’m on a mission to try them all provided I have some spare change πŸ˜‰ Every skin is different so we have to know our own skin type/condition before we try.


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