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Peripera peri’s tint milk


Peripera peri’s tint milk comes in 3 different shades such as milky pink, milky peach and milky lavender.


They come in these cute packaging, its so cute that I feel guilty throwing them away 🙂


I have milky pink and milky peach.



After I wipe it with tissue and whats left of it.

I quite like them as the textures, milk like consistency are light and easy to apply without being sticky. As you can see from the swatches, they do stain. They set nicely, dry to the touch and does not transfer at all.

They last quite a few hours too even after I eat and drink. Which is quite impressive!

Downside, pigmentation’s let down, they dont really show up on my bare lips.

The colours are too light on bare lips so what I do is, I first apply some concealer on my lips before applying the milk tint. The colours shows up much better this way.

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