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Ludeya Mandelic Acid – Whitening Renewal Serum.


Ludeya has finally reached our sunny Malaysia some months ago. If you’re not familiar with the brand Ludeya, then perhaps you know who she is.

Selena’s from the oh so famous Taiwanese girls band S.H.E and this is her 1st endorsement deal since her unfortunate accident back in 2010. She’s has been using Ludeya long before becoming their official spoke person. And through her, you can see how Ludeya skincare has made a difference for her since her burnt injuries.


Ludeya’s Mandelic acid whitening renewal serum is the 1st product I tried apart from the others such as their popular bio cellulose masks.


Ludeya whitening renewal serum contains 10% mandelic acids which will help to renew skin cells faster because as we age, our skin’s renewal ability gradually slows down which in turn you get dull skin, clogged pores, dilated pores, uneven skintones. You get the drill.

what is Mandelic Acid?
Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) extracted from bitter almonds. It had a long and safe history of use in medicine as oral antibiotic, but has only recently become popular in skincare.

Mandelic acid was pioneered by Dr Fulton who is also one of the researchers who developed Retin-A, he viewed Mandelic acid as the best skin active to come along since Retin-A.

Mandelic acid has natural antibacterial qualities that will help to eliminate acne causing bacteria. It’s exfoliating properties will help to prevent acne causing congestion.

These are the ingredients list.

After using this for 3 weeks, I noticed my skin’s brighter, firmer less redness around the nose, skin textures are softer and also some of my acne marks (that i get from that time of the month) faded significantly. I have less blackheads on my nose and pores shrank as well. Yay!

My other skincare products seems so absorbs better, without staying on top of the skin. And worked better too alongside with this Ludeya serum.

I dont get any irritation from this serum as I’ve been using such acid treatments for over a year now. And it does felt very gentle on the skin. Its very gentle as compared to glycolic treatments that im used to. Its very much alike with my all time favourite Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Essence

Ludeya whitening renewal serum is targeted for those with problem skin. Mainly oily or combination skin types and acne sufferers. This serum can help with anything related to acne. It can reduces clogged pores and blackheads as it cleans the pores inside out without you poking, picking.

My t-zone became less oily too. Well, less oily wouldn’t do its justice but it’s more like not oily at all. No joke!

Less blackheads on my nose as well as clears up any cystic the next day,the bump went down drastically. We all know how cystic acne can stay on the face for longer than 2 weeks.

This serum is now my new favourite! I love hove easy it is to use and it comes with a dropper too so you can easily control how much you want to use. I use about 6 drops and its all I need.

This serum has an oil like consistency but it absorbs super immediately. No kidding. And because it absorbs so fast, its not sticky or oily at all. I love it. Between the Olay one and this, I much prefer the finish of Ludeya as the Olay one can be a little sticky.

After cleanse my face, I apply this whitening renewal serum, and its all I use throughout the night.

*It takes at least 30 minutes for Mandelic acid to be fully absorbed into the skin and do it’s thing.

So if you want to apply any night cream or serum, wait for at least 30 minutes or the mandelic acid will neutralize and won’t be as effective.

You can apply your other skincare but I would recommend otherwise as you need this to work on its own without any interference.

I highly recommend this if you are suffering from acne, oily skin or has dull complexion with uneven skintones.
Clear, firm skin is desired by everyone and you can easily achieve it with the help of Ludeya skincare.

Available at SASA. RM89.90 each.


7 thoughts on “Ludeya Mandelic Acid – Whitening Renewal Serum.

  1. Hi. In terms of effectiveness of the product, which one does a better job? Ludeya or Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Essence? Thanks.


    1. Both are highly effective. It depends on what you are using it for. If you have problematic skin like acne, go for Ludeya Mandelic Acid. If you want to fade scar, Olay.


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