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Phyto Shampoo- Phytodensium & Phytojoba


These shampoos are amazing..worked do well for my hair. Also, They are paraban free for those who are concerned.
The ones i haves are Phytodensium and Phytojoba.

Phytodensium is for anti aging whereas Phytojoba is for hydration.

A little history about my hair,
My hair tends to oil up after a day after I washed them but dry on the ends but no split ends though. Basically, its oily on the top but dry on the ends.

Whenever I use this, it get rids of all the oil, sweat and gunk that accumulated. And I find myself not needing to wash my hair for 3 days because it keeps my scalp fresh for longer in between wash as I dont use any dry shampoo. Really enjoyed using these.

They are sulfates free as well so they don’t really foam. Personally, I find that foaming agents like this irritate and dry out my hair so I do prefer shampoos that do not foam or SLS Free. Same goes with facial cleansers.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a pump. The first time I used it, almost spilled all over the place.

This product is also great for sensitive, dry scalps as its made of natural ingredients and paraban free.


One thought on “Phyto Shampoo- Phytodensium & Phytojoba

  1. Hi there!

    If you don’t mind me asking, out of the two, which do you prefer more? :). My hair type sounds a lot like yours, so I’m looking for a recommendation.

    Thank you xx


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