SKII FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE or known as Miracle water is it worth the hype?

This is the question I get asked of a lot by my readers, family and friends since i started using it last year. So I’m finally getting it down on writing.

I’m just gonna jump right into it 🙂

When I first started using SKII Facial Treatment essence, my skin was a mess. I had lots of acne scarring/acne marks on both my cheeks and chin. So there’s lots of redness. But all of the acne I had were gone for good after I added a miracle supplement to my diet.
As you can see, my skin was in total mess and I was desperate to get those acne marks fade. If you suffer from acne before, then you know its hard to get those acne scarring/acne marks to fade.

Then I heard that SKII Facial Treatment essence can help with that and I started doing my own homework/research and found out that there are many facing the same thing and SKII managed to help them. I was interested in how much of a miracle water it is.

I was still quite skeptical about it but decided to give it a go.

Before I bought the full size, I went for a consultation at one of the counter at Parkson, plaza merdeka. The sales assistants,They were very friendly and helpful. They gave me generous samples to try.

During the first few days of trialing out the facial Treatment essence, my skin purged and out came pimples out of nowhere. Lots of them and I went back for some answers, they told me its a normal occurrence for those new to “pitera”.

I just kept using it and true enough, the purging stopped and slowly, my skin started to look better. For that, I went and got the full size kit that came with pitera mask and clear lotion.   

I began to notice that my skin are much softer, plumped, brighter and the acne marks are slowly fading. The results are unbelievable!  My skin had a “glow” to it and people around me began noticed it too. Foundations or bb creams went on my skin even better than i thought it can be.

The facial Treatment essence balanced out my skin because I noticed that my  t-zone are less oily than before and my cheeks are more hydrated, plumped.

I now understand why its known as miracle water. It does so much for my skin in such short amount of time. I totally love using it.

I highly recommend this if you can get your hands on them. Do note that different skin types will have different effects. These are just my personal experience on it.

Do take note that SKII Facial Treatment essence is preventing skin from aging or oxidise due to harsh chemicsls or environment and so on and to maintain the skin for the future. By using this treatment essence, you are actually investing in your skin by slowing down aging especially if you already have good skin and using SKII Facial Treatment essence, your skin will maintain that way for years to come. You will definitely age more graceful.

I’ve reviewed some SKII FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE dupes here

Nature Republic The First Number one essence

Where to get?
You can get this miracle water from this amazing website luxola
They offer free delivery for any orders over Rm40.



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