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MOOGOO MILK WASH, The best body wash for eczema and psoriasis!


Im sure its not surprising why I picked Moogoo Milk Wash as the best body wash for problematic skin such as eczema, psoriasis. Best of all, its made out of natural ingredients. So its safe to use on any age.

This milk wash smells exactly like caramel and its not sickly strong scent either. It feels very luxurious and soothing.


Moogoo milk wash is the only body wash I use throughout 2013 and it really is a good body wash. It cleans so well without stripping your skin’s natural oil. This cleanser left my skin feeling moisturised with no tight feeling therefore its great for people with flaky dry skin too.

Its super great to use even when I had my hives and eczema attack. Whenever I have eczema, my skin feels irritated constantly and itches like crazy. The itch is unlike any itch I’ve experienced before. It mainly is like an itch that you cant scratch. And one you start to itch it, you just wont be able to stop even if you bleed. Eczema is a horrible thing to have. And because I constantly scratch myself, my skin hurts whenever I bath and use other body wash. Ever since I use Moogoo Milk wash, I dont feel that way anymore. It doesn’t hurt a bit at all and even look forward to bath time.

My eczema treatment

I never take a shower for more than 5 minutes at a time as recommended by my derm. I find that it helps a lot in keeping my skin from drying out. Try using cold or lukewarm water instead of hot water.

One bottle of Moogoo Milk wash lasts me for half a year as I dont use a lot. A little goes a long way. I too uses it as a facial cleanser morning and night as the milk wash was originally made for face. Made my face so soft and clean afterwards without any tight feeling.

I highly recommend this milk wash as it worked so well for my sensitive skin. This is definitely a holygrail product for me and I’ll never stop purchasing it.  

Buy Moogoo Milk Wash here


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