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Bioderma Crealine H20 Ultra-mild


Bioderma crealine H20 or known simply as Bioderma is a very famous French cleansing water. It has been around for many years used by makeup artists on models for quite change of makeup without causing any irritation.

Since then, There’s so much hype and raves about it from makeup artists, youtubers, bloggers but its very hard to get hold of in malaysia. And not to mention the price after shipping and all.

Many swears by it and one of them happens to be the infamous makeup artist Lisa eldridge. The woman is amazing and super talented. She’s my all time favourite makeup artist besides charlotte tilbury. You can check her out here :

When I had I chance to pick Bioderma up, how could I pass. I was very excited to try it out as soon as I got home. I wanted to see whats the hype all about.

Well, I wasnt disappointed. It is a very good cleansing water because its super gentle and effective in removing all of my makeup and best of all, no redness or irritation and doesn’t dry out my skin. It left my skin feeling so clean and fresh. I love it.

To remove your waterproof mascaras, you’ll need to put some Bioderma on the cotton pad and hold on your eyes for a minutes and then you can try remove your eye makeup or mascara it. 
I’ve heard some people use it to tone their face but personally I wouldn’t do that because afterall, its a cleansing type of product with cleansing agents.

Try it if you can get your hands on them but there are also many dupes for Bioderma and one of them is Bifesta cleansing lotion. They basically do the same thing but Bifesta is definitely cheaper and widely available in watson or Guardian throughout Malaysia.

I’ve done a review on Bifesta here


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