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Clio Gelpresso waterproof pencil gel liner.

Clio has done it again, this time it is their gel pencil eyeliner. These Gelpresso waterproof pencil gel liner are absolutely amazing. There are literally waterproof, sweatproof ans smudgeproof after they set. Perfect for all especially those eyes that are sensitive and watery.

I have purchased these babies countless times already as they are my holy grail pencil eyeliners!

Of all the colours, my personal favourite is the Golden Black No.7

They are super easy to use. You just turn the end of the pencil to get more products.


Best of all, you’ll never need to use a different pencil eyeliner sharper as each Gelpresso eyeliner come with it.

The color Golden Black is jet black that has gold specks in them.

I uses them every single day without fail to line my upper and lower waterline.

All the Gelpresso pencil liners are extremely pigmemented and lasts a long time.

I highly recommend them for the quality and value for money. Its one of the best pencil eyeliners out there.


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