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Moogoo irritable skin balm..what I use for sand flies bites!


Moogoo is an Australian company that makes a range of natural, safe products with effective active ingredients designed for people with skin and scalp problems.

The irritable skin balm is also known as eczema and psoriasis cream. Its free from steroids. This cream is both inflammatory and antifungal. I used it to treat any itch spots i have besides my usual skin dilemmas such as my hives or eczema.

This is my story on how I discovered I can use it for sand flies bites.

Over last couple of weeks I had sand flies bites all over the body especially my legs, the itch was certainly unbearable for me as im prone to hives and eczema. These itches will have you scratch all day long. I was searching high and low for quick relief and even bought a steroid based ointment. I dont use steroid creams normally unless its really emergency. So I got and pop some on my skin and it doesn’t relief the itch at all. In fact the itch got more intense. And guess what, im allergic to steroid creams without knowing. So now I know. What a bad way to find out.

I’ve had this Moogoo irritable skin balm in my bag for when i have hives or eczema attack. I pop them on all over the affected areas. It did a good job at keeping my skin from itch. After using it I dont even itch anymore. Im impressed as I didn’t know it can be used to treat sand flies bites. Its a really good product. Its a no wonder why everybody loves this brand.

Buy Moogoo Irritable skin balm here

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