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OLAY Regenerist night resurfacing essence.


This is a miracle product for me. Its one of the products that I just fell in love with and grateful for. It has done wonders for my skin. Works similarly to liquid gold if you are into resurfacing products.

Packaging is very sturdy and comes with a pump. Been using for more than 6 months now and im only down to half a bottle.

Prior using this, I have red spots on both my cheeks from post cystic acne. I dont have acne anymore as they just miraculously, slowly going away after battling adult acne for few years.

I was doing research and stumbled upon this product and read up reviews about it. Heard many good things said about it and decided to give it a try. Im so glad I did but I did regret one thing though, is I should have known earlier but hey, its never too late right?

This is an overnight resurfacing essence that contains glycolic acid (my favourite!). What glycolic acids does is eats away all those dead skin cells and loosen them up which helps your skin to renew faster. Its fairly small amount of glycolic acids so its very safe and gentle even on sensitive skin like mine. But do keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different so do a patch test first before to see if you’re sensitive.

I dont experience any tingling sensation the first time applying to my freshly cleanse face as im already using other products that contains glycolic acids.

I Use it only at night and 2-3 pumps is all i need for my whole face and do remember to use sun protection when you use thiscas it can increase sun sensitivity and sun spots.

I dont use every night but every other night. You can use it nightly if your skin can take it but start small such as once a week then slowly build it up to every other night you’re not used to such ingredients as it can irritate if not use correctly.

Its a miracle in a bottle for me. After using a few times I can already tell the difference it’s made for my skin. Skin is much brighter and clearer even the red marks left by cystic acne are fading..which Im very impressed of as ive tried other similar products and this one shows much dramatic results. Skin also  became very smooth like baby’s bum and glowy. And when I have acne especially during that time of the month, they clear much faster than usual and I don’t even use any acne treatment at all.

Its a staple in my skincare routine and will be for a long time.

Retails for Rm99.99 50ml.


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