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Nuxe huile prodigieuse- Multi purpose dry oil .


Nuxe multi purpose dry oil works so well for my skin. It can be use on face, body and hair. This miracle dry oil is made with 6 precious plant oils.



Comes in a screw cap glass bottle so you’ve got to be careful not to drop it. The one I have is 10 ml which is a sample size. It’s available in many sizes.


It’s very tiny on my hands!

The dry oil absorbs instantly into my skin as I rub it in. You only need a few drops. I mainly use it on dry areas or patches on my body such as the back of my arms, legs, ankle, cracked heels and it softens the skin like no other. You can put your favourite body cream if you want to. It’s best to put it on right after you bath or on dry skin. Works well both ways though.

The smells of this dry oil is so so me this smells heavenly of roses. Very spa like which makes it so soothing, relaxing to the mind and soul. The smells lingers all day long. It smells so good that you can use it as perfume oil.

My favourite way to use this to to put in on my hair after wash. It’s makes my hair smells good, so soft and shiny.

Try it if you haven’t. Available at any sasa outlet in kuching.

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