estee Lauder · lipstick

Estee Lauder pure color lipstick in no.16 CANDY.


This is the pure color, lasting shimmer lipstick range by Estee Lauder in no.16 candy. Gorgeous pinkish plum color with gold micro shimmers which works great and complement my fair skin tone. Also, The lipstick packaging looks so beautiful and elegant with the gold case.



Great color for fall!


Lasts pretty well on my rather dry lips about 4-6 hours with drinking and eating.

What I like about it is that it does not dry out my lips at all but seems to keep my lips from drying out.  And has a nice sweet plum taste to it. Smells great and taste great. Some lipstick taste awful but not Estee Lauder lipsticks!

There are endless colors with different types of finish lipsticks available at any Estee Lauder counters. I got mine at Parkson, Plaza Merdeka. RM 90 a piece.


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