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Elishacoy Noblesse Naturalism is in kuching!


Elishacoy Noblesse Naturalism -your way to natural beauty has landed in Plaza Merdeka Mall , Kuching.

Elishacoy is a brand very close to my heart as it’s one of the first Korean skincare/makeup brand that I tried and loved many years ago especially the bb creams even before I started blogging so you can imagine my excitement when I heard there’s going be an actual outlet opening near me. Yay!

Now, I don’t have to go through all those hassle just to buy their products online and am able to touch and try out before buying.

My good friend and I went on the 1st day of their opening and I was so happy to see that they have quite a huge range of skincare, makeup on display. And there was also 15% off on all products for a limited time only.

But to my disappointment, the customer service wasn’t that good or even welcoming. The staff were rather pushy, unfriendly and often look at me from head to toe.

And if you’re wondering why there’s no pictures apart from the samples I’ve got, well it’s because we weren’t allowed to take any.

There’s this weird incident that happened:

There was this nice lady boss that gave me and my friend a few samples from the ‘free sample basket ‘ which she confirmed free ( the free samples includes bb creams, and few tubes of cocoa greentea mask )
she gave my friend 1 of the cocoa greentea mask but didn’t give it to me.

After much talk, we left and my friend noticed that the lady boss did not give the tube mask to me and went back for it but the guy boss said he can’t give her the mask because they don’t have anymore to give and he also point it out that they are actually not for free in a “certain tone and look” ( this happened just a few minutes after we left the shop)

This left her feeling very confused as to why the lady boss said it’s for free and he said it otherwise??

I personally think that if you are not willing to give out any free samples, then don’t say it’s free. In the first place, we weren’t even looking for any free samples when we went to the shop. This experince has left My friend feeling insulted and intimidated.

In my personal opinion, this experience made me feel not wanting to go back there again.

I hope that they will improve on their customer service. So that in the future, others won’t experience such a thing.


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