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TheBalm Hot Mama Blush.

    This is a multi-purpose product from TheBalm which act as a blush and eyeshadow. 


The packaging is so sleek and sexy.


Comes with a decent size mirror, not too small.Not too shabby!



    The color is just so beautiful and the camera isn’t doing it any justice. It’s much prettier in real life. When applied to the cheeks, it gives out a healthy glow with a shimmery golden sheen to it. You won’t need a highlighter when u use this blush. Cause It also act as a built in highlighter for those cheek bones!

    Super pigmented and you don’t need much at all.

    Just lightly tap your brush on the blush and it’s more than enough! Need a light hand to avoid picking up too much.

    You can Make a sexy eyeshadow with it too and smoke it out with a darker eyeshadow on the outer v.

    You probably can’t see it but I made a slight dent on the blush already as I have been using it almost everyday! I’ve had this blush for almost a year now it’s still like untouched, definitely will last me a long long time.

It’s worth to check it out.

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