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Clarins ‘Bright Plus HP’ Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel.






Clarins Bright plus gentle renewing peel is an acid toner similar to Pixi Glow tonic and Alpha H Liquid Gold.

I love this stuff.. it’s a miracle for me. An amazing exfoliating toner.

Now you may ask, what is an acid tone or exfoliating toner?

Exfoliating toners are very much different than the normal toners out there.

Exfoliating toners contains active ingredients such as glycolic acids, tartaric acids, mandelic acids and etc. These ingredients helps to renew and exfoliate our skin gently without being too harsh on our skin.

Exfoliating with scrubs that contains grains, beads such as from st ives are harsh on the skin, it can damage the facial skin or spread more acne if you use it when you have active acne going on.

Glycolic acids is very popular for skin renewal or resurfacing treatments and to slough off dead skin faster and to minimise uneven skin tones or fade acne marks.

As a post acne sufferer, I find that exfoliating toners helped my skin tremendously in ways that I cant imagine.

Been using this amazing exfoliating toner religiously for months now. I normally don’t review products that I once or twice. I will always test them out for months before I decided to review especially when it comes to skincare products . Our skin needs time to adjust itself to new products ingredients, and takes certain time as in weeks to see real results. I don’t really believe in instant results.

Although the packaging says to use once or twice a week (They are being careful should anything happen to your face, they wont be blamed) but I uses it every single day and night after cleansing.

I absolutely love this product, clears my skin out by gently exfoliate the skin surface without using abrasive scrubs. Brightens my skintones and slowly fading my red acne marks on both my cheeks. Got rid of my Stuborn milia on my temples and dry patches . And it also makes my skin feels so smooth like baby’s bum. My pores are definitely more refined and less clog pores. Helps to curb breakouts and even when I do get odd pimple here and there, seems to heal faster with less marks. What more can I ask for.

It does contains alcohol in the ingredients list but didn’t irritate or feel dry on my skin at all. Has the typical Clarins scents.. very floral which I wasn’t comfortable with at first but didn’t bother me as time goes by. Now I can’t go a day without it. It has definitely became a staple in my skincare routine.

There are many highly effective exfoliating Toners out there that work just as well or better than Clarins one that I wanna try such as pixi glow tonic or the p50 just too bad it’s not available locally and very difficult to gets my paws on. If you can get them, try the out. Worth every penny spent.

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