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Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in NOVA

   Hi guys, today i’ll be doing a review on the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer. I had my cousin from Australia to get it for me as its hard to get Rimmel products in malaysia especially kuching. She got them from priceline for about aud12.99 each.



The color I got is Nova.


    In the US they are known as “show off” but I got the UK version. The packaging is really sleek as and elegant. The color is a bright fuchsia pink that’s great for everyday use.




The applicator is quite unique. It has a dip which holds enough products in it so that you can apply your whole lips. You have to be really careful when u apply with the applicator because too much can result to “bleeding” . The trick is to apply tiniest amount and slowly built it up. Or use a lip brush to apply or use a lip liner first.



   Pigmentation wise is very Good.  Creamy ,opaque and non drying. And has a slight fruity scent to it like watermelon bubble gum. Nothing too overwhelming. Lasts quite a few hours and stain lips.

Personally I don’t have any complain about it and it’s worth every penny spent. I definitely want to have all colors in my collection! 


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