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Suisse programme Smoothing Lip Scrub.

  I have very very dry lips. It’s flaky, chapped if I don’t do or treat it or apply anything to it and I do drink plenty of fluids mainly plain water and green tea. It’s horrible! And also I work in an air conditioned environment for more than 12 hours everyday.

    Lip scrub is a must for me on a daily basis. I use them every morning in the shower to exfoliate the dry lips. The one I like to use is suisse programme smoothing lip Scrub.




   I have been using it for months now and I quite like it. It’s the only lip exfoliater/lip scrub I have now and 15ml in this plastic tube can lasts me such long time. Yay!!

   You may not be able to see it but it has a mico grain that feels creamy if you know what I mean. Not harsh like those with grainy bits that feels like you’re gonna scrub of your lips leaving it red and raw.
   This lip scrub leaves my lips so smooth and moisturised with its hydra solution formula. And it’s enriched with botanical ingredients.

    Don’t be alarmed whenough you feel slight tingle and minty feeling. It’s the product doing it’s thing, you know.

   How to use:

*Apply only to dry lips.

*squeeze out a pea size amount and slowly rub it into your lips in circular motion for about 30 seconds to a minute.

*You can wipe it off with a piece of wet flannel or wash off with water.

   The effect is instantaneous. Definitely will repurchase when I’m done. Have you tried it?

It’s available at any sasa outlet!



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