cream eyeshadow · Maybelline

Maybelline color tattoos by eyestudio!


45.bold gold
50.edgy emerald
25.bad to the bronze
15.audacious asphalt
35.tough as taupe

   Maybelline color tattoo by eyestudio are 24 hours eyeshadows. These are great quality, long lasting cream eyeshadows from the drugstore. They have at least 16 different colors in the US/worldwide but in Malaysia only have 8 colors.


Bold gold is one of my favorite color from the line. Very bold indeed! Goldy color with shimmers.


Tough as taupe is a taupey purple color. Pretty much as what you see from the glass pot without swatching. This is one of the ones with no shimmers. Matte type.


Bad to the bronze, my favorite among these. Very beautiful bronze shimmery color. I use this the most.


Audacious asphalt is like a greyish steel color. Can do a beautiful modern Smokey eyes with this instead of the usual black.


Edgy emerald. My kind of green! The color might seem intimidating but quite easy to work with. If you know how. Whenever I use this, I use it as a base for my other eyeshadows. Worked pretty well so far.



Transparent backside where you can see the colors.

All of them comes in glass pots. So be  careful when you travel with them. Breaks easily. I’ve already broke a tiny bit of my bold gold where tiny bit of the glass came off.

These cream eyeshadows quality and consistency are comparable with Mac and chanel ones which are much more expensive.

Can be use alone or with eyeshadows of your choice. I always just use it alone.

Very versatile too. You can use it not only as eyeshadows or eyeshadow base but also as eyeliners. How cool is that? They dry pretty quick so you gotta blend easy. When they dry, they are very very hard to get off. You must use oil based eye makeup removers to avoid to much rubbing on your delicate eyes. My choice is the Bifesta eye makeup remover! Remove all of my eye makeup with just one swipe 🙂

These really lasts a long time. On my non oily eyelids, I would think it’s possible to even last a few days! I’ve read that, they lasts very long on oily eyelids too like more than 12+ hours at least.

They are all waterproof, smudgeproof and sweat proof. You can use it when going to the beach or swimming too!

They are relatively cheap for such good quality products!  Only Rm 19.90 a pot.

Have you tried any? Shared with me your experience in the comments down below!



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