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Loreal shine caresse: Bella and Venus!


   These are interesting product from Loreal Paris. It’s the shine caresse lip stain. It has the consistency in between a lipstick and a gloss. And it’s a long lasting stain. Stains the lips and still has glossy sheen without looking dry. Excellent products! Some say these are dupes for the famous YSL lipstain!


   I have only two in my collection. I got Bella and venus. Both are pink shades.


   Bella is much deeper pink like fuchsia kinda pink. Very lovely!


   Venus is a baby pink almost like a perfect nude pink color but will not wash you out.



With flash


Without flash

   Very beautiful side by side. And on the lips, the looked very lovely. Stains the lips with a slight cooling effect. Non drying, creamy and glossy but Has a strong floral scent. Which is a downside for me as it tickles my nose. I love everything about them just the smell. Stays well on lips for at least 6+ hours like you just applied them even after meals. You do have to reapply after 6+ hours though.

I love everything about these lip stains but just not the scents. Overwhelms me!



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