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Essence stay all day long lasting eyeshadow! “Steel the show”


   This is a cream eyeshadow from essence. Very creamy consistency when applied and doesn’t dry too fast so you’ll have plenty of time to blend. Easy to blend as it has a soft airy and creamy textures that’s not dry to the touch.


   The one I have is called ” steel the show” in no 3 .

   It’s a silvery steel color hence it’s name “steel” with tiny glitters in them. Has a scent..smells chemically and yet floral if you know what I mean. Not too strong and it doesn’t bother me.



Comes in a plastic screw cap tub with its raised dome top. Beautifully done i must say . Extremely Good for travel as it’s plastic and they don’t break too easily as compared to maybelline color tattoos which are cased in glass tub.

Here’s a swatch With flash



Without flash



  Lasted very long on my eyelids and doesn’t smudge or move until I remove them at night. But then again, I don’t have oily eyelids so I don’t know how long it’ll lasts on oily lids. Sorry!

  I usually use it alone as its very pigmented but you can top up with eyeshadows of your choice if you want more intense color. 

  I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking to get a good quality cream eyeshadows from the drugstore.

   This is much cheaper than the color tattoos. It’s under rm10 or slightly over rm10. A good deal I must say!

Thanks for reading!


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