Essense lipstick: No.55 coralize me!

   Essence, a german brand famous for its nail polishes has a line of beautiful make up products. I find their products to be either hit or misses.



This coralize me lipstick is an absolutely beautiful lipstick for a drugstore product. My first ever lipstick from this brand! And I’m already in love.


It’s rather a tiny lipstick that comes in plastic packaging that consists of only 4g of product. Color are a cross between pink and peachy tone..leans more peachy corally color.


This is taken with flash.


Without flash.

   The lipstick is very pigmented and has tiny gold specks in them. Not chunky at all the glitters. Very fine! Very creamy when applied to lips and moisturizing too. Lasts about few hours without eating or drinking. Disappeared after meals but I always reapply after eat or drink anyway and it doesn’t stain the lips. Which is great for this who don’t like lipstick That stains and when u don’t reapply its so obvious.

  Suitable for makeup beginners and those who wants to look for great drugstore lipstick and it’s budget friendly too! 

Rm10.90 each
Can be found at selected Watson store or parkson.

*I bought with my own money and no one is paying me for my reviews. If I’m being compensated, you’ll know 🙂

Thank you all for reading. See you soon! XOXO


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