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Butter Me Up will Ya? The Body Shop Body Butter.


What is it:
” This super-rich and creamy body butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains community fair trade cocoa butter and has a sweet cocoa scent”

Main Ingredients:
*Shea butter
*cocoa butter


I have used it for months now and I quite like it. It really does sink into the skin as I rub it in and doesn’t feel greasy at all. And the scent, really wow me. Smells really nice of sweet cocoa..makes me wanna eat my own skin 🙂


The texture is just like butter! Creamy and smooth..Almost like a balm. I really like this texture just because i find that lotion type are too runny if you know i mean.

Its great for dry to very dry skin. I would think people with normal skin can get away with it too! Because of how it melts into the skin. I love to use this right after shower or a bath (apply generously) while the skin is still damp. .Moisturised my skin so well.


Retails for Rm22.90
50ml (small size)

   Definitely will repurchase when I run out. It comes with many scents and are available in two textures :
*body butter
*body lotion


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