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Is mineral oil good for your skin?

Mineral oil has many names such as: paraffinum liquidum or
petrolatum liquidium , white oil, and etc.

It is found in many cosmetic products.
*baby oil (which consist of 100% mineral oil)
*cleansing oil to remove makeup in brands such as shu eumura and biore even skii.

Mineral oil is a colorless, odorless petrochemical which derived of crude oil. It is highly refined and has large molecules which can’t penetrate or be absorb by the skin therefore it acts a non-absorbent oily film, said to ‘lock in moisture’.
But is this such a great thing? Initially, the skin will feel smooth, as you might expect. However, this layer of mineral oil smothers your skin like cling film, preventing it from breathing naturally.
Which in turn enables sweat and bacteria to become trapped beneath the layer of oil. This can exacerbate eczema and psoriasis problems and potentially create a false dependency in the long term.

Personally, I avoid anything that has mineral oil especially cleansing oil.
Although I have to admit that I absolutely adored skii facial treatment essence cleansing oil. Initially I didn’t know that the cleansing oil contains mineral oil as I did asked the beauty consultant at the skii plaza merdeka and she told me the only oil it contains is the moringa oil. And so I went home and used it for a month or so without checking the ingredients.
The cleansing oil just felt too good for my skin..made it so smooth and soft and baby’s skin and didn’t break me out or anything to cast doubt. It is without a doubt the only cleansing that I loved but as good as it was, I still wanted to know the ingredients. And what made it so special.
I googled it and was in shocked! Mineral oil ? OMG!! And It’s the main Ingredient!
I have stopped using it since then.
* please remind me next time not to trust any beauty consultant! *

In my honest opinions, although cosmetic products that contains mineral oil may feel good for the skin but I wont risked it. I doubt it will do any good in the long run. Or worst, make my skin dependent on it.

I have heard from plenty of people that whenever they use products that has mineral oil, they will have clogged pores and breakout like crazy. But then again, everybody’s skin is different and reacts differently so you will have to at least try then you’ll know.



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