Majolica Majorca lash expander frame Plus mascara .


Majolica Majorca is a cosmetic company under shiseido. And they are known for their mascaras. This is the infamous lash expander frame plus which bloggers and YouTube beauty gurus raved about.

This is the blue limited edition mascara. Normally it’s in black.


It’s very black in color and coats my lashes very well. Some mascara are not truly black and it bothers me because it doesnt make your lashes stand out if you know what I mean.

It holds curls very well and does not smudge at all. Whenever I use this, my lashes looked fuller and longer! Just like false lashes.

The plastic wand has dual comb. One is for volume and the curvy one is for length.


I love everything about this mascara but the only thing I don’t like is , it’s a pain to remove. You will need hardcore eye makeup remover. I use the bifesta eye makeup remover which I loved. I soaked the cotton pads and press on both my eyes for 30 seconds. Removes the mascara like a breeze.

Retails at Rm49.90 a pop.


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