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Nuxe reve de miel lip balm


Finally I have some down time to write a post. Sorry for the absent’s getting pretty crazy here with work and all that.

Today I wanna share something that I discovered over the few weeks ago at our local sasa. It’s this lip balm..and it’s not just any lip balm.
This is the much raved about lip balm by Nuxe. It’s the reve de miel lip balm. Designed for dry or chapped lips like mine. My lips are just weirdly dry and flakey all the time. I’ve tried tons of lip balms but none can be compared to this. It’s so rich and moisturizing for my dry lips. Without the sticky or waxy kinda feeling which I dread. It can leave your lips moisturizer for at least 6 hours and whoa!! That’s something. This is how it looks like



Smells heavenly like honey and citrus mixed together. I’m bad at description but it’s just smells so yummy and soothing.

Everytime before I use them I give it a good sniff out of the pot. I apply this every night before sleep without fail and wake with soft moist lips.

You can even use it as a lip scrubs as it has a slight grainy feel to it. You will only need a bit of product. A bit goes a long way.

The balm comes in a glass pot where u will need to dip your fingers into. Hygiene is the only problem here. Other than that it’s a great products. It’s a Tad more expensive than other lip balms but so worth it.

It’s definitely worth the hype. I would purchase this forever. Have you tried it yet?



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