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Physiogel cream

Hello ladies,
Today is a day to honour my holy grail physiogel cream.


Its a ” hypoallergenic, moisturizing cream that provides natural lipids similar to the skin’s physiological lipids in a derma membrane structure (DMS) similar to the skin, hence revitalizing dry skin ”


I started using this for my inflammed skin from using a topical treatment for acne called Benzoyl peroxide. My face was red and flaky. No amount of moisturizer i use on my face can reduce the redness and flaking skin except this particular one. Thats why its my holy grail. Despite how bad my skin was, it helped to calmed it down and get rid of the flakiness And really moisturises the skin without burning the face as some moisturizer can do that.

My skin was dehydrated and oily at the same time and this cream combat that. Its an amazing product.

I would recommend this to anyone who has skin issues like i used to. I not only use it for the face, i uses it for my body and any dry patches that i have. There was a time where i was having severe skin allergies and this cream helped sooth it too! I applied to where it was itchy and this cream minimises the itch.
Currently I’m using it as eye cream as well and it worked great. Really hydrates the under eyes and reduced fines lines.

Give it a try for any skin issues you might have and you’ll be amazed like I am.

Til then,


4 thoughts on “Physiogel cream

  1. Hi Josie,

    I used Physiogel too, everyday on my face. As eyecream usage, I never tried that before. Sounds beneficial from your blogpost, I might try that.
    Can you tell me your routine of using it as eyecream, I mean….do you use it day and night on everyday basis? Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi dear, I only use it at night cos it’s quite rich and greasy for daytime. I love it as night eye treatment! If you’re not using any makeup or under eye concealer, you can use it for daytime. For daytime eye cream, I’m currently using kiehls advocado one.


      1. You’re welcome! Once or twice a week or when I have dry patches or allergies attack around the eyes, I dab on tiny amount of rosehip oil (you can use any brand) then the physiogel cream. Really soothing.


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