Fruit Of The Earth

Fruit of the earth rose petal aloe vera gel.

Hi dolls,
Been busy with the cupcakes and relocation details lately and now im back!!

Ive been baking every single day and there are times when i would burn myself while using the oven . I know, my carelessness!! So, Whenever i burned myself i would put on this aloe vera gel immediately cos i dont wanna get blisters or any scars. I love how soothing it feels. It has a cooling sensation to my burnt skin.

This product is amazing!! Cant tell you enough of its goodness. And best of all, its alcohol free and that means wont dry out your skin. Ive got the smaller one which contains 56g. You can can bigger tube. They are available in local pharmacies like guardian or watson.
It comes in clear gel like this

And smells heavenly of roses. Absorbs fast and very hydrating. Aloe vera has many benefits. You can use it for:

*Hair gel
*Moisturizer for dry skin
*Burnt skin / sun burned and many more. These are just some of it. Most of the time i use it for my dry skin. I love how fast it absorbed into my skin unlike other body lotion that just feels sticky and doesnt dry down.

Its an amazing And convenient product and i dont have to go to the backyard to pluck some when i need it. Its very handy and travel friendly.

Have you try it yet?

Til next time,


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