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Bifesta cleansing lotion.

Hi girls,

I’m so sorry for the long absence.. I’ve been very busy lately and couldn’t find time to write any blog post.
Will try to blog More whenever I have the time. As you can tell from the title, I’m gonna do a short review on Bifesta Cleansing Lotion.


I bought the bright up after much procrastion as they have quite a few to choose from such as Moist, sebum, bright up and age care.

Bifesta used to go by the name Cleansing Express. They are very popular in Japan and only specialized in makeup removers. And they are the no.1 makeup remover in Japan!

All of their products are water based. The cleansing lotions are very easy to use and handy too Cos they all comes with a pump bottle.


You just pump a few pumps on your cotton pads and swipe them across your face as you would with a toner. Wipe till no makeup residue left and you’re done!

Yup, no need to rinse’s that’s easy and it certainly does remove all of my makeup. I even use them on day I don’t wear any makeup.

Ive used up the Bright up cleansing lotion and thus no pictures. It contains lactic acids which helps to remover dead skin cells to encourage new skin production. This does wonders to my skin after using it. My face really brightens up and I have less breakouts. None actually so it does gets off those Grimes you’ve collected on your face throughout the day.

Im currently using the agecare version and bought moist version as backup as im almost out!!


I would repurchase again and again And would recommend it to anyone whose looking for a good and affordable makeup remover.

Definitely a product i cant live without: )
til then,


2 thoughts on “Bifesta cleansing lotion.

  1. How much is this that you bought it from Watson or Guardian in Malaysia? And can I just use hand and this to massage my makeup off?must use cotton pad?


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