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Naruko Rose & botanic HA Aqua cubic hydrating cream.

Hi everyone,
Today I’m gonna review about one of Naruko’s hydrating cream from Rose&Botanic HA range called: Rose&Botanic HA aqua cubic hydrating cream.


This hydrating cream is formulated for normal to combination skin. Those with dry skin won’t like it because it’s not hydrating enough. The texture is somewhat combination between gel and cream moisturizer. It’s light and emollient so it absorbs pretty quick. As you rub the cream on your skin, you can feel the water droplets forming and seeps into the skin providing moisture it needs and locks moisture into the skin.


The hydrating cream comes with a cute pump bottle which is nice as it more hygienic and you can control how much cream you’ll need to pump out. Word of advice, don’t pump all the way down. I did that the first time, and it was too much.


Personally, this hydrating cream was not hydrating for me but I love it because it does not make my face oily, it dries up nicely and gives a healthy glow too. Most importantly, it didn’t break me out at all. I use this in the morning only because at night I prefer something more hydrating to treat my skin.

Who would love this?
Those with normal/combination skin. Especially combination skin,due to the fact that those with combination skin tends to have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time.

I got this from a shop in OneJaya, Jalan song Kuching 50ml for around Rm40-60 can’t remember exact price.

Thanks for reading, til next time.
Love always!


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