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Dermatologica skincare!

Hello world,
Today I’ll be doing reviews on my Dermatologica products which i got earlier this year.


From left to right: overnight clearing gel, gentle cream exfoliant and daily micro-exfoliant.

The overnight clearing gel

Specially for: acneic and breakout-prone skin.

An overnight treatment that helps clear skin, calm inflammation and prevent future breakouts by reducing excess sebum, removing impaction plugs and eliminating bacteria. Contains no artificial fragrance or to useAt night, apply a thin layer all over cleansed face and allow to absorb. Use nightly as needed.



From my experience, it does not work as well as i want it to be. It does clear away minor spots but not cystic acne which sometimes i have on my chin or cheeks especially that time of the month. And also it take longer for the acne to heal. So i only use it on minor incoming spots that i detect early. It does clear them up overnight and does not cause redness or burns you like benzoyl peroxide does,so i still love this treatment but will i purchase once i finish? Unlikely because it does not work on cystic acne. I like to use benzoyl peroxide for that as its much more effective.

The gentle cream exfoliant.

gentle cream exfoliant 75ml.

For all skin conditions, except environmentally-sensitized.

A non-abrasive hydroxy acid exfoliation treatment that thoroughly removes dulling surface debris, dramatically improving skin texture. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.



This is my holy grail Chemical exfoliant. Why i love this? This product really made a difference in my skin’s hyperpigmentation(fading them) and speed up the healing process of acne and also after use this, serum/treatment and all that penetrate and absorbs better instead of sitting on top of bunch of dead skin. The first time i use this, i could tell the difference its made. My skin suddenly became brighter and cleaner as it slough away all the dead skin. My skin feels so smooth and fresh. I use this once a week by applying thin layer to cleansed skin. Wait for 15 minutes then wash and pat dry. Do not leave it longer than instructed as it can make your skin too dry and irritated. You can use it twice a week if you have severe acne.

I will purchase this product forever. I find that chemical exfoliant work better than physical exfoliant. Physical exfoliant sometimes irritates the skin too much with all the rubbing and scrubbing. This product is definitely worth buying.

daily microfoliant® 75g

all skin conditions.

This unique Rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves skin noticeably smoother and brighter. Contains no artificial fragrance or to useDispense about a half-teaspoon of Daily Microfoliant® into very wet hands and create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together. Apply to face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Massage gently for one minute, then rinse thoroughly.



This is unlike any exfoliant I’ve tried. Its in powder form and The enzymes are activated when you add water. They foams up too like any foaming cleaners when you rub them on palms. I love to use this everyday as its super gentle. The longer i use them, the faster my acne “scars” fade. I have been using for few months now and there’s still plenty left of it. You only need a pea size powder with every use and 1 bottle can lasts for more than 8 months. This is definitely expensive(200+) but totally worth the splurge. Even oprah winfrey uses this!


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