nail parlour

Blacklisted nail parlour

3 weeks ago, four of us went to try out a nail parlour:
Berries nail patio
Jalan song.

It was the most unsatisfying Manicure experience on my account.
My nails were done within 5 minutes which includes scrubbing but no massages and the fee? Rm45 shouldn’t it be longer like 45 minutes? She had to rush through the whole process because she has other customers? Am I also not your customer?
The “Manicurist” didn’t even apply base coat or top coat at all and at the same time kept on pressuring me to do gelish and when I refuse, her face expression changed. What was that about?

After she was done with my nails, she had me waiting there on my own in the dark as she turned the lights off and She had me waiting without saying anything while she attend to other customers. I waited for more than 15 minutes before anybody ¨tend¨ to me again. While I was waiting, I heard them talking bad about other customers that are still there? How judgmental of them.

Would I recommend to my friends?
Hell no!! I wont be going back there ever. With such poor PR and customer service, it’s no surprise their business is going downhill. I received multiple negative feedbacks via twitter and PMs who have suffered similar experience and some had worst after I wrote this.

*They also have two other outlets at One Jaya Mall and Plaza Merdeka Mall.

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal experience and opinion.


5 thoughts on “Blacklisted nail parlour

    1. I will never ever go back there again. So rude staffs and the taukenio even worse character. I have never experienced such bad services ever.


  1. yes I totally agree! Berries Nail Patio has to be BLACKLISTED! The taukenio herself has got very terrible attitude problem and she chases unsatisfied customers out and warns them never to come back again. Is this a proper way of doing business? In my opinion she needs anger management and also people management. I WILL never go back there and I want the whole world to know that they are better nail patios in Kuching and I hope they will not have to encounter such terrible services which we pay for!


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