acne treatments regimen

As you all know, I have persistent adult acne coming close to 2 years now. During my teenage years, I barely have any pimples let alone acne. I did have one or two pimples nothing serious and it’s understandable because during adolescent your body is still growing and the hormone are out of place so it’s normal to have pimples.

I’m now in mid 20s and I am struggling with hormonal acne/adult acne. It was hard to admit and I’ve always been very frustrated because of this. So you can imagine how desperate I am to get rid of them.

I’ve tried almost anything and everything that I can get my hands on like acne treatments from tons of brands,supplements,facials,home remedies and so get the idea.

And nothing seems to work, well they do work for a while like a month or so and the acne comes back again. They relapse again and again. It was really upsetting and bothering me and I couldn’t stop looking for ways to fix my face.

Then one day while doing research on the net I came across a website:
I read everything in there and was amaze by it. This website is definitely for people like me who have been suffering from acne. is somewhat a community for those suffering from acne from all walks of life and cities. Daniel kern is the creator for the acne regimen. Daniel too suffers from acne and has been using the regimen for 12 years now I believe and has clear skin from the using the regimen daily. Many have tried and cleared their skin to the point that makeup is no longer a need and can confidently go out without any makeup on.

The regimen consist mainly of cleanser which is super gentle on skin, a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment, and moisturizer. The bp is the key to the regimen. It prevents and treats acne which makes it’s very effective. It works by oxygenate the skin and acne bacteria can’t live when oxygen has been introduced to the skin.

The treatment has many side effects as well. You may experience these side effects Such as : dryness,flaky skin,redness,burning and tingling sensation and etc when first using the treatment. But fret not because your skin will get use to the treatment after a few weeks. And soon enough, you will see results and this varies from one person to another.

I have been using this regimen going on almost 3 weeks now and I’m seeing improvements. My skin literally got clearer. I’m not 100% clear but it’s working and I’ll keep you guys updated.

I didn’t get the products from Dan as it’s very hard to get them from the states to Malaysia. I’m using cetaphil gentle cleanser, ac benzac 5%(recommend 2.5% but I only find 5%) and moisturizer
Along with 5-6 drops of jojoba oil into my moisturiser to keep the flakiness at bay. It really helps with the dryness. During the time Im doing this regimen, i hardly use any makeup at all.


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