Naruko tea tree oil out targeted treatment.

Greeting darlings,
Tired of acne treatment not working for you or too harsh and makes your skin flaky and red? Well, may i offer a solution for you? Mind you that not everyone will benefit from it. Only the lucky ones.


This acne treatment has 2% salicylic acid and sulfur to aid in oil control and to treat acne effectively.

This acne treatment seems to work well for me. The only downside is its making my skin dry. So, girls if you have dry skin,better stock up on moisturiser after you use this.

After i use this, my acne goes away faster than usual. And sometimes overnight if detected early.

It has a herbal smell,maybe due to the sulfur in it. The texture is runny and before any usage, you’ll have to give it a good shake.


The color is pinkish and has a cooling effect that helps to calm down any inflammed acne.

If you are acne prone, give it a try whenever you have any breakout. Never try never know.

Good luck ladies. Till next time!


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