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Naruko tea tree oil out acne toner.

Hello gorgeous,
Today I’ll be reviewing a product from Naruko.

Name:Naruko tea tree oil out acne toner.
Made in Taiwan


I have been using this close to a month now, I bought this along with other Naruko products which I’ll be doing reviews sometime later.

This toner contains essential oil with antioxidants and botanicals to reduce inflammation and control acne and oily skin.

I use this morning and night after cleansing my face. It really calms my skin down and the redness reduce immensely. It smells wonderful of tea tree oil with slight cooling and tingling sensation. Soothing to the skin and nerve. The tea tree smell is not too overwhelming,just nice. I’m sure you’ll love it too for what it will do to your skin.

The texture is just like water but slightly thicker. This toner has glycolic acid in it which is an ideal ingredients in combating acne. What glycolic acid do is help shedding the skin and by doing so, less dead skin skin on the skin,therefore can prevent acne.

For me, this is unlike any other toner I’ve used before. It really works well when you have acne prone skin. It purifies your skin very well and prep it for your skincare routines. You can also mix it with serum and pat it onto face for an excellent effect.

I find that my acne has gone down a lot ever since using this. It’s an effective toner and not harsh to the skin.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, and I’ll keep on purchasing!


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